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Flyboarding is the ultimate new adrenaline sport to hit the world that will leave you wanting more!

At Coastal Flyboard you have the choice of multiple locations across South Australia including a beach location at Glenelg or on the river at Murray Bridge. Or you pick the location and we’ll come to you! At each stage of your flight you will be guided by our experienced operators to ensure you have an experience to remember.

The flyboard combines the physical attributes of an array of popular sports activities including Jet Skiing, water skiing and wake boarding, skiing and snowboarding and acrobatic diving. Whilst many of these activities can take a substantial amount of time to become skilled at, the Flyboard is very intuitive: it’s like learning to walk; it holds no limits to a person’s fitness level. It will generally take about 10 minutes with an instructor to find your balance and start flying freely.

Book individually, or bring a group of friends and make a day of it. We cater to all your needs. Come and experience the exhilarating thrill of Flyboarding today!

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Flyboarding 101


A Flyboard is an innovative water jet powered board connected to a jet-ski that gives propulsion underwater and in the air. The position of two nozzles under your feet allow for movement controlled by tilting one’s feet. This is one of the easiest sports to learn as you will be up and flying around within minutes.


How can I book the fly board experience?

What about bad weather?

In the event of bad weather, Coastal Flyboard will contact you on the day to advise you and you will be given the option to re-book on an alternative suitable day.

Do i need any previous experience to go flyboarding?

Not at all. They Flyboard is very easy to use and no previous experience is required. Our highly trained operators will ensure your safety at all times and will have you up flying around within about 10 minutes usually.

Will the Flyboard boots fit most people?

Yes, the Flyboard boots adjusts size to fit Men Sizes 7 to 13. Neoprene socks can be used for smaller size feet.

How much does the Flyboard weigh?

Approximately 20kg.

How fast can the FlyBoard travel above the water?

It is stated that you can fly up to 30km per hour, however we believe 20km per hour is more realistic.

How hard is it to get up?

It’s easy! Lying face down in the water all you need to do is stand upright and as the instructor increases the throttle on the jet ski you will fly straight out of the water and into the air.

What's supplied?

Coastal Flyboard supplies all safety gear required i.e. personal floatation device/ life jacket & helmet

What do I need to bring?

It is recommended you bring on the day :
Sun screen
Wetsuit (optional but recommended in winter months)

What are the requirements to fly?

Must be at least 14yrs old
Weigh less than 130kg
Ability to swim competently

Can I bring someone to watch?

Definitely! At both our locations you can watch with ease from either the riverbank at Murray Bridge or on the jetty at Glenelg.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Cancellations must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to booking time. However, in the event of bad weather, Coastal Flyboard offers a voucher for you to re-book on another day.

Is flyboarding safe?

Yes with our specially trained staff you are in good hands, of course there is some risk being an extreme sport but this is only if you attempt to do special tricks or fall from height. these risk are not to be concerned about as we teach you to fall safely without injury. Tricks will only be attempted under strict guide lines and only with the riders ability


Do you need more than one person to operate the Flyboard?

With the basic version you will need someone on the Jet Ski to provide power to the Flyboard. If you buy the advanced version with the Electronic Management Control Kit , you will be able to operate the Flyboard by yourself, however we stongly advise having someone sitting on the Jet Ski at all times for saftey reasons.

Does the Flyboard fit onto most Jet Skis or PWC's?

The Flyboard fits onto most Jet Ski’s,an adapter will be required for Sea Doo 2010/2011, SeaDoo AVT 2010/2012, Yamaha and Kawasaki 2001 and Ultra 250/300. Just tell us what Jet Ski you have and we will send you the correct adapter. For those not listed we can have one off adapters made.

How long does it take to attach and detach the Flyboard to the Jet Ski?

Around five to ten minutes once you have done it a few times.

Hire Packages





Solo 30 minute session includes:

5 minute briefing on Flyboard safety & operations
25 minutes of instructed flight
Post-flight debriefing





Solo 60 minute session includes:

5 minute briefing on Flyboard safety & operations
Instructions & training on advanced Flyboard manouvers
55 minutes of instructed flight
Post-flight debriefing




4-people for 2-hour session includes:

$145 per person

10 minute briefing on Flyboard safety & operations
28 minutes of instructed flight each
Post-flight debriefing




2-people for 15-minute session each includes:

$79.5 per person

5 minute briefing on Flyboard safety & operations
15 minutes of instructed flight
Post-flight debriefing




Up to 8 people 4-hour session half day

10 minute briefing on Flyboard safety & operations
Instructions & training on advanced Flyboard manouvers
25 minutes of instructed flight each
Post-flight debriefing



Want a Buck’s party like no other?

Full day hire $1200

Spoil the Buck on day that will rival the wedding day. You choose the location and we’ll come to you. Book a day or a weekend

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Want to fly like a pro?

We offer flight training like no other! Contact us now for a tailored package!

20% off any tailored package with a booking of 5 or more sessions.

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Gift Vouchers

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Participants must weigh less than 120kg and be aged 12 years and over. People aged under 18 require parental consent. Must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to participate. Must be able to swim competently. 48 hours’ notice required for booking changes and cancellations. Late arrival time may reduce activity time. Subject to availability and weather conditions

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